FEND Recognition Awards

In 2020 FEND established a FEND Recognition Award for Diabetes Specialist Nurses and Diabetes Specialist Midwives who have made significant contributions to diabetes care, research and education.

FEND recogntion award

FEND Recognition Award 2020

photo Ana Paiva

Ana Cristina Paiva

Nurse at the Diabetes Consultation and Coordinator of the Department…

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photo Trisha Dunning

Professor Trisha Dunning AM

Professor Trisha Dunning AM, RN, CDE, MEd,  PhD Chair in…

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photo Linda Siminerio

Prof Linda Siminerio

Linda Siminerio is Professor of Medicine and Professor of Nursing,…

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photo Debbie Jones

Deborah Jones OBE

I am so honored and humbled, as a FEND ENDCUP…

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photo Marg McGill

Prof Margaret McGill

Associate Professor MARGARET MCGILL AM RN MSc (Med) CDE Current…

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photo Alicja Szewczyk

Alicja Szewczyk

Specialist in the field of diabetic nursing  and in the…

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photo Adina Sanpetreanu

Adina Sanpetreanu

Adina Sanpetreanu is a registered nurse at the Diabetes Centre…

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Photo Anne Belton

Anne Belton

Anne started working with people with diabetes in 1983 and…

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Photo Kristin de Backer

Kristin de Backer

Kristin started her nursing career driving around the province of…

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photo Regina Wredling

Prof Regina Wredling

Graduated nurse 1964 at Sophiahemmet School of Nursing, Stockholm. Gradually…

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photo Margarida Jansa

Margarida Jansà

Margarida Jansà qualified as a nurse at the University of…

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Photo Liga Arente

Liga Arente

Graduate nursing school in Riga  (1983) and started work in…

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photo Eszter Halmos

Eszter Halmos

I was born in Berettyóújfalu, Hungary, 1940, 03.18. as a…

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photo Claudette Nfor

Nfor Claudette Manli

Nfor Claudette Manli is a nurse and certified diabetes educator who…

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Photo Deirdre Cregan

Deirdre Cregan

I started working with people with Diabetes in the 1980’s…

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photo Tineke Dijkstra

Tineke Dijkstra

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photo Deirdre Kyne-Grzebalski

Deirdre Kyne-Grzebalski

In 1981 Deirdre took up the first Diabetes Specialist Nurse…

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photo Claudia Leippert

Claudia Leippert

Being a curious General Nurse with additional specialization in Diabetes,…

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photo Seyda Ozcan

Prof. Şeyda Özcan

Assoc. Prof. Şeyda Özcan, RN, MSc, PhD Dr.Ozcan has experiences…

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photo Martha Funnell

Martha Mitchell Funnell

Martha Mitchell Funnell, MS, RN, CDE, FAAN Emeritus Research Scientist,…

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photo Angus Forbes

Prof Angus Forbes

Professor Angus Forbes holds the FEND Chair of Clinical Diabetes Nursing…

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photo Lurdes Serrabulho

Dr Lurdes Serrabulho

Lurdes Serrabulho is a registered nurse (1980), specialized in Public…

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photo Maite Valverde

Maite Valverde

Maite Valverde is an advanced Practice Nurse in Diabetes. Master’s…

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photo Jytte Roed

Jytte Roed

RN, Diabetes Specialist Nurse, Diploma in Nursing Odense University Hospital,…

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photo Gillian Hood

Dr Gillian Hood

Dr Gillian (Gill) Hood RGN, qualified as a nurse at…

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photo Marja Rautavirta

Marja Rautavirta

Marja Rautavirta – a Diabetic Specialist Nurse from Finland. She…

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