Prof Regina Wredling



Graduated nurse 1964 at Sophiahemmet School of Nursing, Stockholm. Gradually focusing on diabetes care and patients problems connected to the diabetes disease. From 1973 diabetes specialist nurse at Danderyd Hospital. Very soon aware of the patient being the most important person in the treatment of the illness and thus patient education must be given priority to. Further research in this field of led to a PhD graduation in 1991 and professorĀ“s degree in 2004 at The Karolinska Institutet, Stockholm.

In large, the research has dealt with insulin pump treatment and the effect of severe hypoglycemia. Most attention was aroused by the experience that recurrent episodes of severe hypoglycemia among adults can have injurious effects on the cognitive function. In the 1980s this was not paid attention to the extent that it is today.

In large, my education work covers main supervising for doctor students within different nursing projects.