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The next FEND European Nurses Diabetes Collaborative University Programme will start in September *2022*

Please note: Applications are not yet open

Conditions for applications:

  • You must be a Registered Nurse
  • You must have a minimum of 2 years experience in diabetes care, and 50% of current working time must be exclusively in diabetes care
  • You must be a current member of FEND
  • Written consent of your head of dept. agreeing to study leave and administration fee
  • You are required to be competent in English language both written and verbal, and agree to a telephone interview if required
Aims of the Course
  • Extend the clinical and physiological knowledge, and improve and develop good clinical nursing practice in diabetes, which is patient centred and evidence-based.
  • Develop an appreciation of diabetes in the context of other linked disorders.
    Promote a critical evaluative approach to knowledge, theories and current research about the aetiology, epidemiology, altered physiology, metabolism, nutrition, clinical features, treatment and long-term complications of diabetes.
  • Develop a critical evaluative approach to knowledge, theories and current research about the perspective of the patient and the importance of the social context.
  • Enable nurses to acquire and develop the necessary communication skills to share their knowledge and experience with other professionals at all levels of healthcare.
  • Develop and acquire consultative and teaching skills for patients and their families.
  • Develop and acquire skills in how best to organise and deliver diabetes care.
    Appreciate the impact of the disorder on family dynamics and society and healthcare provision.
  • Raise awareness of the targets set by national and international diabetes plans. To promote collaboration to achieve these goals.
  • Facilitate nurses in Europe to acquire the knowledge, skills and confidence needed to promote the development of accredited training courses for nurses specialising in diabetes in their countries.
University and Accreditation
Learning Outcomes
How to Apply