Prof Angus Forbes



Professor Angus Forbes holds the FEND Chair of Clinical Diabetes Nursing at King’s College London and holds an honorary post as a specialist diabetes nurse at King’s College Hospital.

Prof Forbes is an active researcher with multiple publications in diabetes, some current and previous projects include: a pan European survey of diabetes nurses on the impact of COVID-19; diabetes prevention in women with GDM; preconception care in women with Type 2 diabetes; evaluating a psychologically modelled education intervention for young people with Type 1 diabetes; developing supportive interventions for adults with new-onset Type 1 diabetes; the relationship between cognitive impairment and diabetic retinopathy; glycaemic variability and mortality and older people with diabetes; the impact of lipohypertrophy on glucose variation in people with Type 1 diabetes; and a trial of virtual clinics to improve primary care based diabetes outcomes.

Clinically Angus runs a motivational enhancement clinic for people with Type 1 diabetes. He also leads on the diabetes MSc programme for diabetes nurses (ENDCUP) as part of his role in supporting FEND as well as supervising FEND PhD fellows. He has contributed to national guidelines for older people in hospital, end-of-life-care; and dementia care for people with diabetes.

Angus is a past vice-president of the International Diabetes Federation, and his previous positions include:  senior lecturer in diabetes at King’s College London; a lecturer in health services research at University College London Medical School; and a health visitor and district nurse in East London