Prof Linda Siminerio



Linda Siminerio is Professor of Medicine and Professor of Nursing, Health and Community Systems at the University of Pittsburgh. She has led a career in diabetes research and education.

An internationally recognized expert on self-management education and health care delivery models in both pediatric and adult populations, she serves as the Principal Investigator on many studies related to diabetes prevention and treatment.

Dr. Siminerio has authored numerous publications and served as editor on a series of diabetes journals.  She has served as President of Health Care and Education, American Diabetes Association and Senior Vice President, International Diabetes Federation (IDF). In these positions, she has organized and led national and international efforts on the development of programs, standards and care models directed toward health professionals, patients and the community.

Dr. Siminerio served as organizing chair for the International Diabetes Federation (IDF) World Diabetes Congress and IDF translation research program, Building Research in Diabetes Global Environments and Systems (BRIDGES). She is Past Chair of the U. S. National Diabetes Education Program.