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The Global Partnership for Effective Diabetes Management is a multidisciplinary taskforce of internationally respected diabetes experts, including specialist nurses, from leading institutions and diabetes organizations committed to improving treatment outcomes for people with type 2 diabetes.

In collaboration with FEND and the International Diabetes Federation, the Global Partnership has developed a CD-ROM - 10 Steps to Better Glucose Control: A Practical Guide - to help healthcare professionals to improve management for individuals with type 2 diabetes.

Recent studies have reported that >60% of people with type 2 diabetes have glucose levels over recommended targets, putting them at risk for complications such as cardiovascular disease, kidney damage and blindness. The educational CD-ROM contains practical guidance, using slideshows and multimedia presentations, to enable more individuals to achieve recommended glycemic goals. Through this CD-ROM, the 10 Steps to Better Glucose Control and the Control to Goal publications, the Global Partnership aims to support healthcare professionals in helping more patients reach recommended treatment goals, thereby improving clinical outcomes.

Peer-reviewed publications by the Global Partnership

Del Prato S, et al. Improving glucose management:
 Ten steps to get more patients with type 2 diabetes to glycaemic goal (pdf)

Bailey CJ, et al. Earlier intervention in type 2 diabetes:
The case for achieving early and sustained glycaemic control (pdf)

Four slide sets from the Control to Goal educational CD-ROM

Achieving Good Glycemic Control (pdf 7 MB)

The Underlying Pathophysiology (pdf 3.6 MB)

Treating Earlier and Effectively (pdf 3.8 MB)

The Multidisciplinary Approach (pdf 4 MB)

Additional resources

Materials for use by healthcare professionals and background on the members of the Global Partnership for Effective Diabetes Management:

Fact Sheets - one for each of the 10 Steps to Better Glucose Control, with a background and call to action to explain the rationale behind the Global Partnership's recommendations (pdf)

Wall Chart - a graphical representation of the 10 Steps to Better Glucose Control for healthcare professionals to print and display (pdf)

10 Steps to Better Glucose Control - a one-page reference containing the 10 Steps to Better Glucose Control (pdf)

Biographies of members of the Global Partnership (pdf)