Presentations 2022

The 2022 programme is currently under development. Check back for updates.

FEND 2022

Welcome Address and IntroductionKristin de Backer &
Anne-Marie Felton
The Impact of Technological Innovation and Therapeutic Patient EducationSusana Pica Montesinos
The DIGIDIA Project Finland
Dr Tuula-Maria Rintala
Glycaemic Variability and Diabetes Outcomes: a New Way to Consider RiskProf Angus Forbes
The Stigma of Diabetes: a Finnish PerspectiveSari Koski
Psychological and Social Impacts of Diabetes: the ChallengeProf Ingrid Willaing Tapager
COVID-19 and Diabetes: Implications of Living with Two PandemicsDr Lucy Chambers
Building on the Success of Yesterday to Face the Challenges AheadProf Anne Dornhorst
Support of People with Diabetes: a Friend's NarrativeGiovanna Andrade & John Grumitt
The Sensorial Passport – A New Approach Against Loneliness and IsolationProf Jean-Philippe Assal
Enhancing Diabetes Care for Kidney Transplant Recipients with DiabetesHellena Habte-Asres
The DWELL programmeJulie Webster &
Prof Eleni Hatzidmitriadou
The Role of Nurses in Modern Management of Children with Type 1 Diabetes
[Poster 1 oral]
Exploring The Experiences and Perspective of Insulin Therapy in Type 2 Diabetes via Online X-Country Diabetes Health Forums: A Qualitative Thematic Analysis of Threads
Maya Allen-Taylor
[Poster 2 oral]
Experiences of Type 2 Diabetes and Diabetes Care in Young Women with Reproductive Age
Aycan Celik
[Poster 3 oral]
A Qualitative Study Exploring Partner Involvement in The Management of Gestational Diabetes Mellitus
Min Guo
[Poster 4 oral]
Predictors of Exercise Benefit-Obstacle Perception on Type 2 Diabetes Patients During the Covid-19 Process
Hamidye Arda Surucu
[Poster 5 oral]
Co-Designing an Intervention Framework to Support Young People with Type 1 Diabetes in Transition to Secondary School in the UK
Freya Brown


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