Programme (provisional)

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Welcome Address from WHO CNOMrs Elizabeth Iro
Welcome and IntroductionKristin de Backer &
Anne-Marie Felton
A Syndemic Perspective - Diabetes, Covid and Social Inequalities
Dr Araz Rawshani
Three Strategic Pillars of EUDF (1) Data and RegistriesProf Robert Heine
Three Strategic Pillars of EUDF (2) Self Care Technology DigitizationProf Peter Schwarz
Three Strategic Pillars of EUDF (3) Integrated CareProf Angus Forbes
Blueprint for Action on Diabetes
Cajsa Lindberg
WHO Global Diabetes Compact: the Implication for European Healthcare Systems
The Hypo-RESOLVE Project: Reducing the Burden of Hypoglycaemia - Implications for Practice
Prof Bastiaan de Galan
HARPdoc: Improving Outcomes of Hypoglycaemia Prevention Pathways in Type 1 DiabetesProf Stephanie Amiel
Diabetes and its Complications - How Effective are we in Reducing the Risk or Treating Complications?Prof Anne Dornhorst
Diabetes Specialist Nurses in the Digital Age 
Dr Gillian Hood
Personal Behaviour in the Management of Diabetes - the Challenges?
Current Trends in Glucose Regulation During PregnancyProf Eleanor Scott
Results of a Feasibility RCT to Prevent Type 2 Diabetes in Women with GDMDr Judith Parsons
The Place of Insulin Therapy in T2 DiabetesProf George Dimitriadis
Expectations of Change – Type 1 Diabetes and MenopauseDr Rita Forde
Diabetes: Quality of Life
Development of the Professional Role of Diabetes Nurses in Specialised Diabetes
and Primary Care in Catalonia
Dr Maite Valverde
Ten Years of FEND ENDCUP at King’s College London Past, Present and FutureDr Kirsty Winkley
Dr Haya Abu Ghazaleh
Ana Cristina Paiva
Sue Holleman
International Diabetes Nursing: the launch of the new online FEND journalProf Davide Ausili
Patient Related Outcome Measurement in people with diabetes 
Sexual Dysfunction in Women with Type 1 DiabetesRahab Hashim
Renal Disease Progression and Glycaemic VariabilityHellena Habte-Asres
The Discovery of Insulin: its Evolution and Ongoing ContributionsProf Diana Sherifali
PhD Findings Steroid Induced Diabetes Sarah Gane
Type 1 Diabetes and Disordered Eating (T1de)- Definition and the Challenges of the Multidisciplinary Team Approach to Clinical ManagementDr. Marietta Stadler & Jennie Brown
Management of T2 Diabetes in Children and Young Adolescents
People with Type 2 Diabetes' Experiences of Foot CareAstrid Castelberg
Diabetes in Older People - How Can We Meet the Needs of This Growing Population?Prof Angus Forbes
The Challenge of Older People with DiabetesDr Jane Barratt
WHO Global Diabetes Compact: the Implication for European Healthcare SystemsDr Jill Farrington
Patient Narratives
Scientific Poster Presentations