Dr Lurdes Serrabulho



Lurdes Serrabulho is a registered nurse (1980), specialized in Public Health (1986) with Master Degree (in Educational Science – Health Education – 2004) and PhD (in Educational Sciences – Health Education – 2014).

She works in diabetes at APDP (Portuguese Diabetes Association) for 28 years, in diabetes care, research and education, diabetes consultations, group education sessions, courses and training for HCPs, besides being a lecturer at national and international congresses.

She worked with children, youngsters and parents in individual, group appointments and summer camps for 15 years that were compiled in two quantitative and qualitative studies: “The Health and Lifestyles of Adolescents with DM1” (Master Degree) and “The Health and Lifestyles of Young Adults with DM1” (PhD).
She is APDP’s Training Coordinator since 2006 and Nursing Coordinator since 2011.

She was the Coordinator of Diabetes Therapeutic Patient Education national programmes addressed to HCPs and people with DM2 – Together it´s easier (2011-2016) and DM2 prevention programmes addressed to HCPs and people with moderate and high diabetes risk – GOSTO! (2016-2020).

She is Author and co-Author of 19 published articles and 13 books in diabetes field.
She was a member of FEND (Foundation of European Nurses in Diabetes) Executive Committee (2008-2014).