Nfor Claudette Manli



Nfor Claudette Manli is a nurse and certified diabetes educator who has spent most of her career life working with persons living with diabetes from 2005 till date. Through individualised and group patients’ education, she has empowered her clients to overcome the challenges of living with diabetes and are able to take charge of their health condition for better outcomes.

Over the years, she has worked in several hospitals of the North West Region of Cameroon. During these years, she has conducted several diabetes programs on local and national radios, sensitization and awareness creation in town and remote villages.

Presently, she coordinates the activities of several diabetes clinics spread throughout the region. During this COVID19 pandemic, she has conducted several briefings to health personnel and radio programs on Diabetes and COVID 19. She has represented Cameroon and done presentations at the World Diabetes Congress Canada, African Diabetes Congress Cameroon and World Diabetes Congress South Korea.

She holds a state registered nursing diploma from the Training School for State Registered Nurses Bamenda and a bachelor degree in Nursing Science from the Catholic University of Central Africa Yaoundé. She is a certified diabetes educator from the IDF School of Diabetes.