Conference 2022

Welcome and Introduction

Kristin de Backer & Anne-Marie Felton

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  1. Farhana Tabassum on 10/27/2022 at 13:28

    Indeed it had been and is an honor not only for me but for my nation to be the FEND memeber. I would second Ms. Kristie to thank Mr. Mike Felton from bottome of my heart for making the technology hurdles easy for me. As Ms. Ann-Marie Felton said I actually seeing the video felt thrilled that I am seeing, hearing and even felt embraced. One day I would share my story from FEND platform in a presentation, an article, speach and even in an assignment that hopw wonderful the FEND scholarship is for Pakistan. I could have never imagined that. This is a breakthrough landmark for Pakistan’s people with diabetes that except me….NOT a single nurse in this field. The FEND memebership empowered me with courage and capacity building even before the MSc in DM clinical management started…just with memebership I was able to lead a group of senior nurses and make curriculum….For the first time in Pakistan for nurses of Post Basic Diploma in DM Management. After achieving that I workded enthusiastically on developing a special 6 weeks curriculum for community nurses (LHVs, CMW, CNAs) & 4 weeks course for freshl graduate nurses
    Thank you FEND
    Thank you Anne-Marie Felton-Its a blessing to know you

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