Conference 2022

Welcome and Introduction

Kristin de Backer & Anne-Marie Felton


  1. Farhana Tabassum on 10/27/2022 at 13:28

    Indeed it had been and is an honor not only for me but for my nation to be the FEND memeber. I would second Ms. Kristie to thank Mr. Mike Felton from bottome of my heart for making the technology hurdles easy for me. As Ms. Ann-Marie Felton said I actually seeing the video felt thrilled that I am seeing, hearing and even felt embraced. One day I would share my story from FEND platform in a presentation, an article, speach and even in an assignment that hopw wonderful the FEND scholarship is for Pakistan. I could have never imagined that. This is a breakthrough landmark for Pakistan’s people with diabetes that except me….NOT a single nurse in this field. The FEND memebership empowered me with courage and capacity building even before the MSc in DM clinical management started…just with memebership I was able to lead a group of senior nurses and make curriculum….For the first time in Pakistan for nurses of Post Basic Diploma in DM Management. After achieving that I workded enthusiastically on developing a special 6 weeks curriculum for community nurses (LHVs, CMW, CNAs) & 4 weeks course for freshl graduate nurses
    Thank you FEND
    Thank you Anne-Marie Felton-Its a blessing to know you

  2. Shamim Akhtar on 06/18/2023 at 15:51

    Kristin de Backer & Anne-Marie Felton,
    I am thrilled to listen to you which encapsulates the essence of our vision to revolutionize diabetes care and empower patients toward a healthier future.
    Recognizing that diabetes is a highly individualized condition, emphasizes the importance of tailored treatment plans. By implementing a patient-centered approach, I aim to promote personalized care that factors into each person’s unique circumstances and goals.
    This approach fosters a collaborative relationship between healthcare providers and patients, empowering individuals to actively participate in decision-making regarding their treatment. I want to create a supportive environment for individuals living with diabetes. My theme emphasizes the importance of advocacy efforts to raise awareness, reduce stigma, and promote access to quality care.
    By nurturing a supportive community, we can foster resilience, provide emotional support, and ensure that patients feel entitled in their diabetes journey.
    I have done my MSC in community Health and Nutrition but really, after getting a FEND membership I’m learning a lot from watching videos on the FEND platform and policy . I started to share my knowledge on OLADOC and HOME CARE patients with diabetes. I notice that We have to focus on our lifestyle.
    We can transform the lives of individuals living with diabetes. With your support and guidance, we are confident that this subject matter will ignite a practical change in diabetes care, ultimately leading to improved health outcomes and empowered patients.

    I look forward to working together to make a lasting impact on the lives of those affected by diabetes in Pakistan, especially in peripheries/communities.

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