Welcome & Opening Remarks 2020

Kristin de Backer

Welcome & Opening Remarks 2020 (2)

Anne-Marie Felton

The Role of WHO in the Global COVID Crisis

Mrs Elizabeth Iro, CNO WHO View biog

The View from the Bridge – The Challenge for Diabetes Research, Care and Service Delivery in the New Decade

Prof Stefano del Prato View abstract and biog (pdf)

Florence Nightingale: Icon and her Legacy for Today

Prof Anne-Marie Rafferty CBE View biog

Lipohypertrophy Towards a New Understanding of an Old Problem

Prof Angus Forbes View abstract and biog

Social Justice and Health Equity

Prof Sir Michael Marmot View abstract and biog (pdf) 

The Impact of the COVID-19 Pandemic on Diabetes Nurses in Europe: A pan-European Survey

Dr Rita Forde View abstract and biog

The Complex Interplay Between Diabetes and COVID-19

Dr David Hopkins View abstract and biog

Diabetes Health Coaching

Dr Diana Sherifali Abstract and biog

Co-Designing an Intervention with People with Diabetes, Family Members and Health Care Professionals

Dr Mette Due-Christensen Abstract and biog

Living With Diabetes – a Personal Narrative – Simon O’Neil

Simon O’Neil Abstract and biog

Living With Diabetes – a Personal Narrative – Olubunmi Abiola

Olubunmi Abiola

Living With Diabetes – a Personal Narrative – Maartje Roskams

Maartje Roskams Abstract and biog

Political Advocacy in Terms of Diabetes Care, Research and Education

Sir Michael Hirst Biog

Should the ESC/EASD Guidelines on Diabetes and CVD Management Change our Clinical Practice?

Prof Anne Dornhorst Abstract & biog

Supporting Young People with T1 Diabetes in Transition from Primary to Secondary School: A Co-Design Project

Freya Brown Abstract & biog

Diabetes as a Priority in Primary Care Mental Health

Shona McIntosh Abstract & biog

Person Centred Care in Adolescents with Type 1 Diabetes

Anita Overes MSc Abstract & biog

Translational Research and Diabetes

Dr Mary de Groot Abstract & biog