Provisional Programme Day 1

  Welcome and Opening Remarks
FEND Chairman 
FEND President
Kristin de Backer
Anne-Marie Felton
Dr Lena Wedeken
  Session Chairs TBA
  25 Years of FEND – Tempus Fugit Anne-Marie Felton
  Florence Nightingale – the First Specialist Nurse? Prof Anne-Marie Rafferty
  Lipohypertrophy: Towards a New Understanding of
an Old Problem
Prof Angus Forbes
  Session Chairs TBA
  The Role of WHO in the Global COVID Crisis Ms Elizabeth Iro, CNO WHO
  The Role of the Diabetes Specialist Nurse in the
Context of Primary Care in Sweden
Dr Karin Johansson
  The Provision of CBT in Primary Care Diabetes Service Shona McIntosh
  Session Chairs TBA
  New EU Commissioner for Equality: Leading the Fight Against Discrimination and Developing EU Anti-Discrimination Legislation Helena Dalli
  Supporting Young People with T1 Diabetes in Transition from
Primary to Secondary School: A Co-Design Project 
Freya Brown
  Cystic Fibrosis and Diabetes - Online Education Programme Dr Sarah Collins
  Session Chair TBA
  FEND Covid-19 Diabetes Survey Dr Rita Forde
  Diabetes Health Coaching: 
Evidence and Opportunities
Assoc Prof Diana Sherifali
  Personal Narratives 1-4

Simon O'Neil
Bastian Hauck
Maartje Roskams
Olubunmi Abiola

  FEND Recognises 25 Nurses for their Global Contribution
to Diabetes Care, Research, Education or Advocacy
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