Programme Day 1 (example from 2019)

0840-0900 Welcome and Opening Remarks
FEND Chairman 
FEND President
Kristin de Backer
Anne-Marie Felton
Dr Lena Wedeken
  Session Chairs Prof Regina Wredling
Prof Angus Forbes
0900-0930 Implementing ADA/EASD Guidelines for T2 diabetes -
Challenges and Opportunities
Prof Melanie Davies CBE
0930-1000 Management of NAFLD in T2 Diabetes Prof Michael Roden
1000-1030 Social and Cultural Determinants in Diabetes and its Treatment Prof David Napier
1030-1045 Update on Parliamentarians for Diabetes Global Network (PDGN)  Adrian Sanders
1045-1115 Refreshment break  
  Session Chairs Dr Lena Wedeken
Dr Davide Ausili
1115-1145 Portrait of Interdisciplinary Spanish Diabetes Association
and Catalan Diabetes Association
Dr Margarida Jansa
1145-1215 Implementing ADA/EASD Guidelines for T2 diabetes -
Challenges and Opportunities
Matt Petersen
1215-1245 Breast Feeding Support for Women with Type 1 Diabetes Sue Holleman
1245-1400 Lunch  
  Session Chairs Dr Rita Forde
Dr Arja Halkoaho
1400-1430 A Theory-Based Approach for the Study of Self-Care
in People with Diabetes
Dr Davide Ausili
1430-1500 Integration in Diabetes Self-Management Education Assoc Prof Claudia Huber
1500-1530 The Factors That Contribute to Hypoglycaemia in
Hospitalised Patients with Diabetes
Moira Grixti
1530-1600 Refreshment break  
  Session Chair Kristin de Backer
Ana Paiva
1600-1630 The Experiences of Young People with Type 1 Diabetes in
the Transition from Primary to Secondary School
Freya Brown
(FEND PhD Fellowship programme)
1630-1700 Steroid Induced Diabetes in People with Cancer Exposed to  Dexamethasone Sarah Gane
(FEND PhD Fellowship programme)
1930  Conference Reception  
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