Provisional Programme Day 1

0840-0900 Welcome and Opening Remarks
FEND Chairman 
FEND President
Kristin de Backer
Anne-Marie Felton
Dr Lena Wedeken
  Session Chairs TBA
0900-0930 25 Years of FEND – Tempus Fugit Anne-Marie Felton
0930-1000 Florence Nightingale – the First Specialist Nurse? Prof Anne-Marie Rafferty
1000-1030 Lipohypertrophy Towards a New Understanding of
an Old Problem
Prof Angus Forbes
1030-1100 Refreshment break  
  Session Chairs TBA
1100-1130 The Role of WHO in the Global COVID Crisis Ms Elizabeth Iro, CNO WHO
1130-1200 The Role of the Diabetes Specialist Nurse in the
Context of Primary Care in Sweden
Dr Karin Johansson
1200-1230 The Provision of CBT in Primary Care Diabetes Service Shona McIntosh
1230-1330 Lunch  
  Session Chairs TBA
1330-1400 New EU Commissioner for Equality: Leading the Fight Against
Discrimination and Developing EU Anti-Discrimination Legislation
Helena Dalli
1400-1430 Supporting Young People with T1 Diabetes in Transition from
Primary to Secondary School: A Co-Design Project 
Freya Brown
1430-1500 Cystic Fibrosis and Diabetes - Online Education Programme Dr Sarah Collins
1500-1530 Refreshment break  
  Session Chair TBA
1530-1600 The Economic Cost of Diabetes TBA
1600-1630 Diabetes Health Coaching: 
Evidence and Opportunities
Diana Sherifali
1630-1715 Patient Narratives Simon O'Neil
Bastian Hauck
Maartje Roskams
1715-1730 FEND Recognises 25 Nurses for their Global Contribution
to Diabetes Care, Research, Education or Advocacy
1930  Conference Reception  
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