• To promote for the public benefit improvements in the health and treatment of people with diabetes by the development and promotion of the role of the diabetes nurse specialist throughout Europe.
  • To promote for the public benefit the education and training of nurses working in diabetes care throughout Europe, by the development and support of training programmes, including the organisation of conferences and symposia, to further such programmes and the dissemination of information relating to the proceedings at such conferences or symposia.

Executive Committee

Davide Ausili Italy
Kristin de Backer Belgium Chairman
Anne-Marie Felton UK President & External Relations
Rita Forde UK Board Secretary
Arja Halkoaho Finland
Rahab Hashim UK
Deirdre Kyne-Grzebalski UK Treasurer
Ana Cristina Paiva Portugal Membership Secretary
Eugenia Vlachou Greece

IDN Journal Co-Editors

  • Prof Angus Forbes, RN, PhD UK
  • Dr Magdalena Annersten Gershater, RN, PhD Sweden

IDN Journal Managing Editor

Marianne Lundberg Sweden

Abstract Committee Chair

Prof Unn-Britt Johansson Sweden


  • Kristin de Backer Belgium
  • Deirdre Cregan Ireland
  • Chris Delicata Malta
  • Anne-Marie Felton UK
  • Deirdre Kyne-GrzebaslskiUK
  • Prof Regina Wredling RN, Dr Med Sc Sweden

Honorary Members

  • Sue Hamilton UK
  • Dr Michael Hall UK
  • Stina Wallenkrans Sweden
  • Prof Regina Wredling RN, Dr Med Sc Sweden
  • Deirdre Cregan Ireland


The Foundation of European Nurses in Diabetes acknowledges the generous support of the following companies


FEND was established in 1995 and has established a unique voice for nurses working in the field of diabetes care, research and education in Europe. The founders are Deirdre Cregan, Anne-Marie Felton, Sue Hamilton, Stina Wallenkrans and Regina Wredling. FEND is recognised as a positive influence by WHO Europe, IDF Europe, EASD, DESG, PCDE, EURADIA and national diabetes nursing organisations. FEND is a founding member of the European Coalition in Diabetes (ECD).

FEND's two day Annual Conference precedes the EASD conference each year. Attendances at our conferences grows year on year and attracts not only nurses but other relevant health care professions in diabetes. The number attending the 2011 conference was over 650. Leading European experts in the field of diabetes have delivered keynote lectures at our conferences and come from the disciplines of nursing, medicine, dietetics, psychology and people with diabetes. FEND has established an annual award in relation to nursing research in diabetes - the first award was presented during the 1999 conference.

The official journal of FEND is International Diabetes Nursing is published online.

FEND has worked with the following universities (University Automata, Barcelona, University of Uppsala and Roehampton University London in establishing the FEND MSc accredited programme. Currently the FEND MSc programme (ENDCUP) is led by Prof Angus Forbes, FEND Professor in diabetes nursing at King's College University London. The current course is also accredited by King's College University London. Since its inception over 100 nurses from Europe and beyond have completed or are participating in the FEND MSc programme.

FEND works in collaboration with IDF Europe, WHO Europe, EASD, PCDE, EURADIA, national diabetes nursing organisations and European Diabetes Forum (EUDF).

The management of FEND is carried out by the Executive Committee on a voluntary basis without remuneration. Sponsorship funding and membership fees enable the following activities: Conference planning, conference venue hire, catering, programme booklet production, travel and accommodation costs for keynote speakers, FEND MSc and PhD programme tuition fees, lecturers fees, student accommodation, course materials and university administration fees, telephone/email charges.

An Annual General Meeting for FEND members is held during the Annual Conference.