Provisional Programme Saturday 29 Sept

  Session Chairs Linda Cann
Simon O'Neil
0900-1030 Remission of T2 Diabetes:
the Evidence and Challenges of Implementation
Prof Roy Taylor
Prof Mike Lean
David Paul
1030-1115 Refreshment break  
  Session Chairs Prof Angus Forbes
Dr Mette Due-Christensen
1115-1145 Key Learnings From Cardiovascular Outcome Trials
(CVOTs) in Diabetes
Prof Oliver Schnell

Orals Presentations (4)

1245-1400 Lunch  
  Session Chair Dr Rita Forde
1400-1445 Type 2 and Gestational Diabetes Judith Parsons
1445-1545 Guided Poster Tour
Facilitators: Deirdre Kyne-Grzebalski & Dr Anne-Marie Wangel
1545-1615 Refreshment break  
  Session Chair Birtha Hansen
1615-1630 Trans National Cooperation & Collaboration Anne-Marie Felton
1630-1645 Awards Ceremony and Closing Remarks Kristin de Backer

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