World Health Day 2016 - Beat Diabetes

WHO is marking World Health Day, 7 April, by calling for action on diabetes. It has published its first global report “Global report on diabetes”. 

An estimated 422 million are currently living with diabetes in contrast to 108 million in 1980. This is an increase from 4.7% to 8.5% of the adult world population. The economic impact for society of the complications and treatment of diabetes is enormous and threatens to overwhelm current healthcare systems.

The WHO global report follows on from numerous warnings from NGOs globally, not least the significant UN Resolution on Diabetes 20016. Despite the commitment of governments to various resolutions the lack of sustainable action results in the current situation. Fine words are no longer acceptable but concrete sustainable action is essential. Capacity building and training of health care professionals across all discipline must be a key component. 

FEND recommends that every person living with diabetes should know:

“WHO is their diabetes specialist nurse”.

Providers of diabetes services must immediately address the provision of Diabetes Specialist Nurses in the delivery of diabetes care, research and education.

FEND (Foundation of European Nurses in Diabetes) is committed to providing academically accredited training programmes free of charge to nurses working in the specialty of diabetes in Europe.

We applaud the work of WHO in producing this most sobering report and its recommendations.