EU Commisioner Borg delivers speech on diabetes


At a meeting of the European Diabetes Working Group (EDWG) and the European Coalition on Diabetes (ECD), Tonio Borg European Commissioner for Health delivered a most significant speech on diabetes, marking World Diabetes Day.

The Commissioner said: "I fully support the goals of the European Parliament Resolution of March 2012 on addressing the EU diabetes epidemic; which now need to be implemented across Member States, notably through National Diabetes Plans."

He also announced a Joint Action with Member States on chronic disease early next year. He emphasised that this Joint Action will single out work on diabetes and not other disease. Furthermore that action will help develop common guidance, e.g. training health care professionals and improving literacy to empower people with diabetes.

The Commission is convening an EU summit on chronic disease in April next year and diabetes will remain at the centre of the debate.

Download pdf of full statement.

Mrs Anne-Marie Felton, FEND President, responded on behalf of ECD (EURADIA, FEND, PCDE and IDF Europe). She welcomed this landmark commitment of Commissioner Borg and paid tribute to the Commissioner for his acute grasp of the challenge of the diabetes epidemic in Europe, the necessity of national diabetes plans to be implemented and monitored. ECD have offered their services to work with Mr Borg and his team to ensure that the summit planned for April 2014 is relevant, action orientated and the ECD ackowledges the added value that the Commission brings to underpin antional activites in relation to diabetes.

On behalf of FEND, we urge all organisations to engage with their Ministries of Health to ensure that this summit will serve peoiple with diabetes.