FEND Award winner 2013

Congratulations to Florence Bassin, a Clinical Nurse Specialist in Diabetes at the University Outpatient Clinic in Lausanne, Switzerland. Florence won the annual FEND award for her study titled "Psychosocial adjustement of the elderly with type 2 diabetes: A descriptive and correlational study."

Florence Bassin holds a Master of Science in Nursing acquired at the  University  Institute of Research and Training in care (IUFRS) of the UNIL/HES –SO  and for which she received a Leenards Foundation Scholarship.  he has devoted much of her work to diabetes during her master studies. At the 18th annual meeting of the FEND in September in Barcelona, an evaluation committee rewarded the poster summarizing the results of her  thesis, conducted among 57 diabetic patients followed in the  outpatient setting. The co-authors are Professor Diane Morin, inf. PhD Director of IUFRS – and Director for the master thesis; and  Chantal Montreuil, M.Sc.inf. Clinical Nurse Specialist in Diabetes, at the Lausanne University Outpatient Clinic and co-director of the master thesis.  

The prevalence of type 2 diabetes increases with the aging of the population. Once diagnosed for type 2 diabetes, the elderly must daily face a double challenge: the treatment of the disease on the one hand and on the other, adapting their lifestyle. The stakes are high and the learning is a never ending effort. A more detailed understanding of psychosocial adjustment mechanisms of the elderly with type 2 diabetes should enable health professionals to assist with more targeted and effective measures. The winning study highlights two key factors to be taken into account by the professionals to help the elderly to better adjust to type 2 diabetes:  sexuality and quality of their social environment.