International Nurses Day 12 May 2020

The World Health Organisation (WHO) has designated 2020 as the "Year of the Nurse and Midwife". What prescience. Globally the profession has taken great heart at the reinstatement of the position of Chief Nursing Officer in WHO.

In Support of WHO

The founding principles of WHO and its vital contribution is as relevant to day as when it was founded. FEND stands four square in support of WHO. As with other sentient organisations we recognise the catastrophic impact of the threat by any nation to undermine the influence and function of WHO at this critical time of global public health crisis.

We urge all nations and humanitarian organisations to support WHO in a transparent and objective manner recognising that the crisis is global and no one nation can solve the problem alone.

Latest (UK) Advice on COVID-19 and Diabetes

From Diabetes UK:

Advice for Healthcare Professionals on COVID-19 and Diabetes

The above page is continually updated and covers many aspects e.g.:

No Man is an Island

This month, as the world's major religions celebrate significant festivals – Easter, Passover, Ramadan and Vaisakhi – in isolation, the test of faith is set to intensify.

We salute all health care professionals in the front line of this global public health challenge and we mourn the grievous loss of colleagues and extend our heartfelt sympathy to their dear families, friends and colleagues.

We recognise the essence of the quote from a poem by John Donne:

FEND Statement on COVID-19

All front line health care personnel are in the valley of death in this unprecedented health and human crisis. The global tragedy of those who are victims of COVID-19 are further insulted by the shortage or unavailability of the critical safety equipment they need and the health care professionals caring for them to be mutually protected.

Connect Globally Through Colouring

(graphic two giraffes)

covid-19 connect seeks to break beyond social confines in creating a globally connecting loop-back system of sketching and colouring in for one another, with our dedicated online gallery exhibiting finished collaborative works.

WHO Commentary on COVID-19 and Healthy Ageing with Dr. David Nabarro

Save the Date - Commentary by David Nabarro. CET 16:00 Thurs 2 April 2020

Join the commentary

Maximum capacity 1,000: A recording will be made available by 4SD after the event