COVID-19 crisis

As with other healthcare organisations FEND is deeply conscious of the particular implications for people with diabetes during this public health crisis.

We encourage all FEND members to work closely with national policy makers in this crisis in order to provide the knowledge and skills to people with diabetes. We recognise that health care systems differ between countries and even between regions. Access to the life saving medicines and self monitoring equipment is essential and that the supply chain should not be interrupted. In order to ensure that people with diabetes are able to receive their personal medication and monitoring equipment we suggest that all governments make such supplies free. In some health care systems this is a long established practice.

We appeal to parliamentarians to lobby on behalf of our national non-governmental organisations to enhance the advocacy and efficacy of health care professionals in their delivery of care. We remain concerned that front line workers are inadequately protected in intensive care units. So for each one of us we must engage with the leadership in each of our countries.

See below for COVID-19 guidance from the IDF for people with diabetes.

(graphic) Corona virus guidelines

Also check for updates from your national guidelines in  your respective countries.

Kindest and concerned regards to you all

Anne-Marie Felton, FEND President
Kristin de Backer, FEND Chairman